TIE Interceptor Ace
Production Information



TIE Interceptor


Sienar Fleet Systems

Technical Specifications

9.6 meters

Maximum Acceleration

4,240 G


110 MGLT

Engine Units

SFS P-s5.6 twin ion engines (rated 175 KTU)

Hyperdrive Rating



Novaldex deflector shields (100 SBD)


Titanium alloy hull (20 RU)

Targeting Systems

SFS T-s9a targeting computer

  • SFS M-g-2 general-purpose warhead launchers (2)

4 concussion missiles each

  • Blaster cannons (4)

Pilot (1)



Cargo Capacity

75 kilograms

  • AE-35 subspace transceiver
  • Ejection seat
  • Maneuvering Thruster Jets
  • Space superiority fighter
  • Interceptor


This variant of the TIE Interceptor is reserved for the use of Ace pilots of the Vast Empire, and is a heavily refined and tuned version of the original, squeezing every bit of potential out of the TIE Interceptor frame. It has been equipped with small stabilizing 'wings' on each of the solar panels, to increase heat radiation in space and in order to mount extra maneuvering jets for increased agility. This gives the fighter's reactor more power to work with, and makes the fighter far more responsive - especially in atmosphere, usually a weaker point for TIE craft.

Another change of the Interceptor Ace over the original is the inclusion of a Hyperdrive generator, enabling this craft to increase its range vastly and lending it some independence from the need of a carrier to ferry it from system to system (though the pilot's flight suit does still limit its range). The most striking thing about this craft is the fact that this hyperdrive has been installed with no loss of agility, speed or combat capability from the Interceptor - it is so finely tuned that pilots hardly notice the generator is even there.


The Vast Empire, unable to churn out TIE craft in numbers or find as many pilots to find them as the Galactic Empire of old, has elected to specialize in quality over quantity, and the Interceptor Ace is an example of this. Taken from blueprints found by intelligence agents on a modified TIE Interceptor for the Emperor's Royal Guard, the Vast Empire tweaked and modified the design until it was as good as they could make it - the ultimate expression of the TIE Interceptor design.

It is only issued to aces because it is so expensive to make, and because the ship is so finely tuned that a rookie pilot is liable to lose control and get himself killed, so highly responsive is this machine. It is also considered an excellent gateway craft for those planning to later qualify with the even more agile TIE Avenger or the elite TIE Defender. Those whom earn the right to pilot an Interceptor Ace are very skilled pilots, and have a vicious reputation throughout the galaxy.