The bomb bay takes up the entire rear section of the TIE/sa Bomber's ordnance pod, and consists of two parts: The launch tube, located right at the bottom of the hull, is a protrusion that allows ordnance to be fed through one at a time to be dropped with precision and without fear of jamming. Inside the pod is the second part, a modular cargo bay that can take a variety of launch racks designed to fit into the Bomber.

Loading the bomb bay is as simple as opening the loading door located at the rear of the ordnance pod, sliding the launch rack into position, then locking it down into place with clamps already located inside the ordnance pod and closing the door again. This means that changing the munitions loadout or reloading the bomber can be done in a matter of minutes, and in situations that call for it, the Bomber can be used to store cargo.


  • SJ-62/68 Orbital Mine:
    Orbital Mine

    A SJ-62/68 Orbital Mine waiting for prey to wander close.

    The SJ-62/68 Orbital Mine is the standard proximity mine used by the Vast Empire, and once launched will remain in place by the use of a tiny gravitational field. Containing the same kind of explosive used in a Proton Torpedo, the mine is set to activate whenever a craft that does not display a correct IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) signal passes within a certain proximity, with devastating results. They are often used en-masse to create minefields.

SJ-62/68 Orbital Mines come in launch racks of six.

  • VL-61/79 proton bomb:
    CCS TIE proton bomb

    A cut-away diagram of a Proton Bomb.

    The Proton Bomb is, without any doubt, the most destructive weapon that a TIE/sa can possibly mount, able to reliably put down a CR-90 Corvette with a single, devastating blast. It has almost no propulsion whatsoever and will only travel to its target via inertia, requiring a pilot to fly right over the target in atmosphere or fly to almost point-blank range in space. This is considered almost suicidal for TIE/sa Pilots, and only the bravest (or craziest) pilots would use these in space.

VL-61/79 Proton Bombs come in racks of only four bombs.

  • Thermal Detonator:
    ThermalDet negwt

    A Thermal Detonator.

    The most powerful handheld explosive in the galaxy, the Thermal Detonator is something one would expect to see in an infantry battle, but the TIE/sa routinely uses great numbers of them in 'carpet bombing' operations, and many a Rebel platoon has been decimated by a passing TIE/sa dropping a cluster of Thermal Detonators. Usually used in surface operations, some canny pilots have taken to using them as emergency anti-missile flares or secret weapons in space battles.

Thermal Detonators come in racks of an astonishing sixty-four grenades!