Strill Emblem
Striile Squadron
General Information
Official Designation:

375th Hunter Squadron


"We are the ghosts in the darkness."

Wing Assignment:

69th Wing "Mynock"

Task Force Assignment:

Task Force Besh

Fleet Assignment:

1st Vast Imperial Fleet

Ship Assignment:

VSD Brilliant


12x TIE Hunter


Joamer Reistlin


Joamer Reistlin

Executive Officer:

Rain "Brightstar" D'Jonoc Te’Reistlin

Current Roster
Aurek 1:

Joamer Reistlin

Aurek 2:


Aurek 3:

Kito “Little Boy” Munids

Aurek 4:

Jak “Nurse“ Dale

Besh 1:

Rain "Brightstar" D'Jonoc Te’Reistlin

Besh 2:


Besh 3:

Tracen "Mynock" Klitopm

Besh 4:


Cresh 1:

Fallon “Edge” Mirinis

Cresh 2:

Aelin Traxona

Cresh 3:

Yvaine “Starlight” Thorne

Cresh 4:


File:Striile Banner.png

We are the ghosts in the darkness

—Striile Squadron Motto.

"You are all here, because the Navy has rejected you. Each of you has received black marks in your records more than once. The line is back there, and we all crossed it. This is your last chance. You are all here, because your records indicate you are not the alpha dogs, but the ones they look up to. We are the Ghosts in the darkness."
–Chief Warrant Officer Joamer Tremaine Reistlin, upon greeting the first batch of test subjects.

Squadron DescriptionEdit

In regard to the namesake of the squadron, the current myths surrounding the name are hereby discarded and thrown out. The name was chosen as a way to describe the squadron without going into major detail that may compromise the way they worked as a unit. The Mandolorian Strill is a highly intelligent, naturally ferocious predator. Attacking in secret and out of the darkness, they glide in on leathery wings to make their kills.

Alone or in groups, they are deadly efficient killers. Trained in ways like this, Strille Squadron is known for flying solo into tense situations or when the need call for it fly together in what bystanders have called "A sight unseen since before the Clone Wars, grace and beauty hold nothing on them."

Squadron SpecializationEdit