Gundark Emblem
Gundark Squadron
General Information
Official Designation:

47th Bomber Squadron


"You know what this place needs? A big smoking crater right over there..."

Wing Assignment:

69th Wing "Mynock"

Task Force Assignment:

Task Force Besh

Fleet Assignment:

1st Vast Imperial Fleet

Ship Assignment:

VSD Brilliant


12x TIE Bomber





Executive Officer:

Lunei Taneg

Current Roster
Aurek 1:

Maroycae'li "Maroy"

Aurek 2:

Trimik “Scral” Dyr’Jin

Aurek 3:


Aurek 4:


Besh 1:

Lunei "Fae" Taneg

Besh 2:

Tviana “Leaf” Del

Besh 3:


Besh 4:


Cresh 1:

Jak "Face" Harkiss

Cresh 2:


Cresh 3:

Rosh "Rusty" Venkan

Cresh 4:


Gundark Emblem
You know what this place needs? A big smoking crater right over there...

—Lunei Taneg

“Gundarks are known throughout the galaxy as some of the biggest, toughest, most destructive creatures the universe has ever produced. They'll chase after anything that moves and tear it apart like a jawa in a junkyard. And although most of you probably avoid dismembering people on a daily basis, you need to have the same passion, the same strength. You need to show the Vast Empire's enemies that we know where they're weak. And you need to show them that if they pull the ears off a Gundark, the rest of it won't be far behind.” – Maroycae'li, briefing new Gundark recruits.

Squadron DescriptionEdit

Squadron SpecializationEdit

Gundark Squadron is one of the Vast Empire's most well-equipped heavy assault squadrons. It specializes in destroying or disabling capital ships and ground installations with its copious amounts of heavy ordinance, but can also perform anti-fighter duties in a pinch.

Squadron ProfileEdit

Gundark is a squadron that relies heavily on their comrades, their skills, and above all their ships to keep them alive. They typically fly various models of bomber, depending on the amount of weaponry the mission calls for. The squadron is young, but the majority of the pilots in it are experienced veterans transferred from other squadrons.

Every pilot in Gundark is trained in locating, identifying, and memorizing the weak points on a wide variety of space and ground vehicles and determining ideal attack vectors. In accordance with its primary role as capital ship assault, Gundark has a 'signature' skill and certification that are heavily encouraged.
Signature Skill: Capital Ship Assault
Signature Cert: Bomber Ace

Squadron HistoryEdit

Gundark squadron, along with its sister squadrons Chlovi, Striile, and Dire-cat, was created during a retaliatory campaign against the Imperial Dominion as the need for more varied and flexible starfighter squadrons came to the fore.

Squadron RosterEdit

Squadron ID LineEdit

[Position][Rank]/[Name][Fighter]/S:47 "Gundark" W:69 "Mynock"/ISD Halcyon Warrior/TF:B|1FL|SC|VEN|VE|
Aurek Flight
Icon Position Rank Name Fighter
Squadroncommander Squadron CO File:PO1SFC.png Sam Dunn Aurek 1
Flightmember Flight Member LCRWSFC Karl Jaghatai (NPC) Aurek 2
Flightmember Flight Member TBA TBA Aurek 3
Flightmember Flight Member TBA TBA Aurek 4
Besh Flight
Icon Position Rank Name Fighter
Squadronxo Squadron XO TBA TBA Besh 1
Flightmember Flight Member TBA NPC Besh 2
Flightmember Flight Member CPTSFC Justy Ueki Tyler Besh 3
Flightmember Flight Member File:PO1SFC.png Tony Vincent Besh 4
Cresh Flight
Icon Position Rank Name Fighter
Flightleader Flight Leader TBA John Sheridan(NPC) Cresh 1
Flightmember Flight Member TBA Alix Sparrow(NPC) Cresh 2
Flightmember Flight Member TBA TBA Cresh 3
Flightmember Flight Member TBA NPC Cresh 4

Attached Personnel
Icon Position Rank Name
Attachment Pit Crew Chief TBA TBA
Attachment Pit Crew Member TBA TBA
Attachment Pit Crew Chief TBA TBA
Attachment Flight Control Co-Ordinator TBA TBA


Chlovi Squadron was granted 12 Imperial TIE Interceptors upon formation, with the standard Vast Empire upgrade package, which consists of a Novaldex Shield Generator (the same model used on the TIE Avenger) and a pair of M-g-2 General Purpose Warhead Launchers, which replace the two hull-mounted laser cannons. This upgrade package increases versatility and survivability, but the shields and weapons systems do provide a considerable drain on the fighter's generator, and do slow down the craft significantly. Chlovi pilots are trained to have these systems powered down when not in use.

Chlovi Squadron's Interceptors are unique amongst the Vast Empire due to the installation of an emergency 'panic button', which will, when activated, instantly divert the entire power generator's output to the shields for a limited time, a last-resort safety option that, although drastically reducing the generator's lifespan, has been known to save the lives of the pilots in situations that would otherwise be fatal. These modifications were made by the Squadron's founder personally, based off a personal re-wiring that saved his life during Operation Snatch & Grab. These Interceptors are instantly identifiable because of the cyan markings on the solar panels, an affectation reserved for elite units like Chlovi's and Thrawn's 181st (who have red markings instead).
Chlovi Interceptor

Membership HistoryEdit

Squadron CommandersEdit

Name Start Until Tenure (Days)
Sam Dunn TBA Current TBA

Former MembersEdit

Name Start Until Tenure (Days)

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Name Joined Died Term of Duty (Days)

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DISCLAIMER: Though this Squadron has been approved as an experimental Elite Squadron, it has not yet been activated, waiting on the right moment. Until such a time as it as, the information here is pure conjecture, and is subject to change without notice. This includes assignments, rosters, and all information within.